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Do you look forward to retiring? Do you worry about how you will survive in your old age? When you die, are you certain that your family will have enough to live on as they adjust (for some time) to living day-to-day without you?

If you are in your late thirties (like me) to forties, chances are you have started to give a thought to my questions above. In terms of really productive years, we're looking at about 20 years tops. After that, our income-generating abilities will probably slow down with our health and our bodies. Besides, I'm sure that by that time, you will also want to rest a bit -- particularly since your kids will most likely be more independent and will not demand as much of your time.

If you haven't given the above questions a thought, you might want to get in touch with a financial planner or someone who can help you analyze your situation, set some financial goals or targets, and put in place investments or schemes which will ensure that you will have enough to live on in your old age. You can also make sure that your family will have sufficient resources for a good amount of time after you go. Of course, I personally believe that it should not be your objective to ensure that your family members are well-provided for for the rest of their lives. They should be able to make a go of it, without you -- otherwise, they have no business being alive to put it bluntly. Everyone just needs some time to recover and adjust and after that, they should be able to survive on their own.

Mutual funds, pension plans, life insurance. All of these are investments you can consider as you plan your financial well-being over the future. Of course you would like to continue generating income or would also like to invest in hard assets (e.g. a house), but it is always good to have a diverse mix of instruments where you can put your hard-earned cash. It is critical though to choose the right institution to deal with. Research. Ask around. Go with your gut.

If you wish to talk about financial planning to get you started on finding the answers to the questions above, you may want to consider getting in touch with Mr. Erwin Acampado at 813-72-79 local 3 or at +639189301656. We have known Erwin for years now and you are sure to get all your questions answered, all your requests responded to efficiently and promptly. Happy planning!

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, March 11, 2006]

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