Roots for Brian Viloria

Come February 18, in Las Vegas (that's February 19, Sunday, Manila time), World Boxing Council (WBC) Flyweight Champion, Brian "The Hawaiian Punch" Viloria will defend his title against Mexico's Jose Antonio "El Jaguar" Aguirre. Just as we always do with Manny Pacquiao, we ask all readers of to say a prayer for our Pinoy's boxer's victory.

We all need something to be happy about these days.

Speaking of being happy about something, I don't know why, but more often than not, people misspell our name. Villoria (they think Villanueva, Villegas); Veloria (think Velarde, Velez). My husband says that there is hardly any other family name which starts with a "Vi' and then only has one "L" Can you think of any?

Anyway, our wish is for Brian Viloria to become unbelievably popular (through his boxing victories) that no one will ever misspell our name. I have started to benefit from his growing popularity actually. The other day, I was on the phone. I was being asked what my family name was and the party I was talking to was hesitant about how to spell it. Upon clarifying, I caught myself saying: "Viloria" -- parang yung sa boksingero and the other person said: "A, ok." Ang dali di ba?

So to Brian Viloria, all the best in your fight this Sunday. February 18 also happens to be my daughter's 4th birthday so I hope it will be a lucky day for all of us. More than the punches, as this month reminds us, it will boil down to which fighter has got more heart.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, February 17, 2006]

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