Pasalubong Shopping On Way Home from Lanao del Norte

Objective achieved in Lanao del Norte, it was back to Cagayan de Oro for us as we prepared to fly back to Manila. We were told to drop by Cheding's Peanuts which is located at 25-A Sabayle St., Iligan City.

They have several types of peanuts available: toasted, hot and spicy, salted, and sugar coated. The 370 gram pack of toasted peanuts costs about P55.50. The hot and spicy, 1/4 kilo pack costs P37.00 and it really is hot and spicy!

You can get hold of other stuff at Cheding's. There's yema, barquiron, cheese stick (my kids love this!), and Biscone (cone-like in taste, wafer-type round biscuits) which is made in Davao.

You might also want to get some Oro or some Pine Ham in Cagayan de Oro or some fruits. We bought some mangoes there (supposed to be from Davao) at P50 a kilo. We were to wait a few days (5?) for them to get ripe. I bought 8 pieces (2 kilos) and they were quite sweet. The problem was half of them turned black and rotten even before we could eat them. I wonder why. Comes out to about P100 to a kilo then -- given the number of mangoes that we were actually able to eat.

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[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, February 12, 2006]

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