Seussical: The Musical

Who among us have not enjoyed the stories of Dr. Seuss? These are classics which bring us to worlds filled with imagination and fun.

Now, you don't need to confine yourself to books or TV or VCDs/DVDs. Seussical: The Musical is now being staged by the Ateneo Children's Theater. There are two more playdates, February 3 and February 4, at 6pm at the Ateneo De Manila Irwin J. Shaw Theater. Tickets are being sold at P160 (Orchestra) and P100 (Balcony). The show, which runs for about 3 hours (inclusive of a 30 minute intermission), presents the music of Stephen Flaherty and the lyrics of Lynn Ahrens.

We caught the show last night with Adi and Ali and we all enjoyed ourselves. We marvelled at the colorful and attractive costumes; the well-made props and sets; but most of all, we were amazed at how talented the performers were. It's a pity we did not get hold of a programme so I have no idea who the actors and actresses (from Miriam and St. Bridget's) were but double hats off to who else -- the Cat In the Hat and to Jojo, who were my personal favorites although the whole cast was truly a talented bunch. The musical largely revolves around the story Horton Hears a Who, although there are also references to other stories like Green Eggs and Ham and the Butter Battle Book.

The sound system could use some improvement -- the voices were muffled and some sounds were distracting from time to time -- and they could start the show earlier (say 4pm so you could have a decent dinner), but over-all, the show was great.

It is indeed true that we learn a lot from our children and from children's books as well. Catch Seussical, the Musical and enjoy not only the show but give a listen to the important lessons it conveys: how we are all so lucky no matter in what situations we find ourselves; how a person is a person no matter how small; and how we could do so many things and how things are possible when we just put our minds to it. "One small voice in the universe..." is truly all it takes. To ACT, thank you for all your wonderful small voices. Thank you, Dr. Seuss.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, January 29, 2006]

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