Tagaytay 2005: Massage at Sonya's Pampering Salon

After dinner, we were scheduled for a massage at the massage room. We did the full body massage which costs P500 for 1 hour.

There are various services offered at Sonya's. There are scrubs, facials, hair spa, etc. Prices range from a low of P125 (for a manicure) to a high of P1,000 for a full body scrub for 1 and 1/2 hours.

There are several cubicles in the massage room -- separated by curtains. In some of the cottages, there is a massage bed so you can also choose to have your massage there.

Sonya's will give you something like a tapis or a sarong to wear while you are having your massage. They play relaxing, soothing, instrumental music and the massage is pretty good too.

After the massage, you will be offered a cup of tea (with a strong lemon-y taste, when we were there) which is so good and calming. I wonder when I can go back for another massage there?

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[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, January 14, 2006]

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