Halloween Trick or Treat

The kids went on their annual trick or treat around the village yesterday. Manuel and I were out as we had a wedding to attend. Ali, our 3-year old, went around as Darna ( a very famous super heroine here in the Philippines, now portrayed on TV by pretty Angel Locsin) while Adi, our 9-year old, was on his third year as Harry Potter.

When we got back from the wedding we asked yaya (our kids' sitter) how many Darnas there were. She said there was only one although the other Darna had short hair and had no head dress.

As expected, Ali's costume was a hit with the candy-givers. Ali got comments like: “Andito na si Darna, ang tagapagligtas ng mundo” (Translation: Here comes Darna, the savior of the world.” Or: “Nasaan si Efren? Nasaan si Braguda?” (Translation: Where is Efren? Where is Braguda?) Efren and Braguda are Darna's love interest and arch rival, respectively.

The kids got tons of candy and had lots of fun, as usual. Ali came home with a major realization though. Early this morning, she said to me: “I cannot fly...” I guess some of the people yesterday kidded her by saying, “Lipad na, Darna!”

Another Halloween over. I wonder if Adi will be Harry Potter again next year. One thing I learned this year – for maximum impact, choose characters that are popular on local TV. That will elicit more comments than those safe, usual cartoon characters. I don't know. Maybe next year, Adi will be Ang Panday. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, October 30, 2005]

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