Desperate Housewives Season 1 Ends in Manila

One time, my son had to fill up a form for guidance with his family's favorite things. For mom, he says he put "Desperate Housewives" as my favorite TV show.

I don't know how the guidance office took that answer but it is true. I hardly watch TV -- save for the news. The only show that I have been following recently is Desperate Housewives on Channel 17 (Studio 23 for Skycable subscribers).

The show started with much promise -- with very funny and witty lines, interesting characters. The first two episodes were I think the best written and got me hooked. As the episodes progressed, the story line became more convoluted -- with some of the situations quite unbelievable -- and some characters in the show have become quite "cartoonish."

Still, I continue to follow it if only to find out what happens next. My mother-in-law used to follow this local show on TV and even if she found some of the situations quite improbable and impossible, she continued to follow the show till the end since "naumpisahan na niya." After that, she resolved never to start any show of that sort again.

Well, I do like Lynette and Bree so I guess I will be watching out for the next season. I wonder if they'll have that by next week? I hope it does not take too long -- don't want the wives getting even more desperate. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, October 28, 2005]

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