Customer Service Tip: In a Supermarket

We were at a supermarket in one of the malls in the Ortigas area and were on our usual weekend grocery trips. We thought of getting some quail eggs as the kids just like them so much.

When we got home, our help discovered that the quail eggs were filled with worms! Yuck! Of course, it was partly my fault as I did not check the tray well enough. Still, what were the rotten eggs doing in the supermarket anyway? The cashier didn't notice it. The bagger didn't notice it. No one noticed it except for the husband who noticed something foul-smelling right away when he brought down the stuff from the car. Now, it's his job to get the quail eggs. =)

So, grocery people, please make sure that you only sell fresh stuff. Selling rotten eggs can be real turn-off. As for buyers, please be careful and choose your goods well too. The last thing you put into your basket or cart may be a really rotten egg. =)

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, November 1, 2005]

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