Take Your Grievances to Congress, My Foot!

What do you think will happen with the impeachment complaint? Pro-impeachment congressmen walked out in exasperation yesterday while the latest word is that the amended impeachment complaint will not be considered and that it is expected that the Lozano complaint will not be acted on for lack of substance.

Why are they making it so difficult for the impeachment case to prosper? If it is true (as they claim) that PGMA has not done anything seriously wrong -- then what is there to be afraid of? Then again, the operative phrase there is: "if it is true..."

I seem to remember PGMA saying before: "Take your grievances to Congress where I am more than willing..." I forget the rest of the words now but at that time, she made it appear that she would welcome the opportunity to face her accusers in the proper forum. Well, guess again. Take your grievances to Congress pala where your grievances are sure to get quashed.

A few days after the height of the PGMA resign movement, I was in a meeting and someone commented that it seems like we will never find out the truth about Hello Garci, etc. Displaying my political ignorance then, I was quick to comment that there is still the impeachment process to which the other person quickly responded that PGMA has her allies in Congress and even in the Justice Committee which will handle the impeachment complaint. The impeachment process is practically dead then.

That was more than two months ago. I marvel at the skill by which some people can see through things going on around us and the way our leaders plot their moves. Conrado de Quiros, for example, is my favorite writer. For months since Hello Garci, he has been coming out with column after column -- writing about why PGMA must resign or must be ousted and at first, I did not agree. I still marveled at how well he wrote but believed that PGMA should stay. Not anymore. de Quiros' piece on his son taking the UPCAT started the whole process. The hilo-day of August 28-29 made things clear amid all the confusion. de Quiros was right all along.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, August 31, 2005]

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