Philippine Culture: August in the Philippines

August is still part of the rainy season here in the Philippines so continue to expect typhoons and monsoon rains. Such makes the weather quite unpredictable this time of the year so it is always best to have your umbrellas and jackets ready.

Just this month, the whole country was placed on alert for dengue. Dengue cases have been on the rise -- so everyone is reminded to take necessary precautions.

Just this month also, we noticed that August has become the month for hilo-days (nakakahilo because of the confusion right?). August 21 is the death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino while August 28 (the last Sunday of the month) is the lesser known National Heroes Day. Try not to plan anything critical near these dates as Malacaņang may suddenly spring a surprise on you (actually on all of us) by declaring holidays at the last minute.

In terms of festivals, there is the Kadayawan sa Davao which is celebrated during the third week of August. This festival, which takes place in Davao City, is a way of giving thanks for a good harvest.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, August 31, 2005]

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