Give PGMA a Break

I am not angry because I happen to be an employee in the private sector and am not on holiday today. In fact, when my officemate said last Friday that today, Monday, August 29 would be a regular working day and not a holiday -- I asked why it should even be a holiday.

What's irritating about the entire thing is that the simple task of declaring a holiday cannot even be done right. Friday, August 26 -- Monday will be a regular working day. Saturday, August 27 -- Monday will be a non-working holiday. Sunday, August 28 -- the level of confusion rises and we have text messages going back and forth on whether it is a holiday, who will be on holiday. Ay naku... I can't rant enough.

So, today is a holiday but only for students and for government employees. Might I ask why it is always the government employees who get off first? Shouldn't they be the ones to get off last? Whatever happened to "public service"?

I had school activities, medical appointments -- turned topsy-turvy by the lack of clear announcements. As far as I'm concerned, any questionable holiday, on a Monday, should be announced by Thursday the week before -- to allow people a working day to fix schedules which might be affected by such a declaration. Then again, that's just the way my mind or my brain works.

It may be just a little thing but little things can really change one's perspective. Can't even handle holiday announcements properly -- what more the more serious matters? It is clear that PGMA needs a break. Today till 2010 might be suitable.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, August 29, 2005]

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