Application for Pre-School: Saint Pedro Poveda College (Formerly Poveda Learning Centre)

My "formerly pink" school is now giving out forms and materials to parents with kids who wish to apply for Kinder 1, Kinder 2, and Kinder 3 for School Year 2006-2007. Application forms will be available at the Registrar's Office from August 8 to August 26 for Kinder 1 while those applying for Kinder 2 and 3 can obtain the forms from Ocotber 3-21, 2005.

Office hours are from 8:00am to 11:30am and from 1pm to 3:30pm, Mondays to Fridays. When you have the forms picked up, and if you, as parent are not doing this personally, give your representative a Letter of Authorization to pick up the forms and also write down your kid's exact birthday. This will allow the school to see if your kid is the right age for a particular level.

Here are the age requirements (as contained in the primer which the people from Poveda will give you together with the application form):

Kinder 1: The applicant should be 4 years old by October 2006.
Kinder 2: The applicant should be 5 years old by October 2006.
Kinder 3: The applicant should be 6 years old by October 2006.

Application period (when you can submit the forms and all the requirements) will be on the following dates:

Kinder 1: September 5-16, 2005
Kinder 2: January 9-11, 2006
Kinder 3: January 12-14, 2006

There is a non-refundable Application Processing Fee of P500 which you will need to pay when you submit your Application Form.

Testing dates are as follows:

Kinder 1: October 3-November 16, 2005
Kinder 2: February 1-7, 2006
Kinder 3: February 20-22, 2006

To apply, you will need to submit the completed application form together with the following:

1. Certificate of live birth (original and photocopy -- certified true copy will do for the original; the school will keep the photocopy, look at the original and return the original to you)

2. Baptismal certificate (original and photocopy)

3. Picture (2x2)

4. NIC, if naturalized Filipino

5. ACR/Filipino Recognition (for foreign students)

6. Latest report card (photocopy)

In the form that the school has been distributing, I noted no. 4 in the Requirements which stated: Recommendation Form - duly accomplished. I called the school to inquire about this and upon learning that I was looking at Kinder 1, I was asked to disregard this particular requirement. Am not too sure though for those applying for Kinder 2 or 3.

For other inquiries, you may call 631-87-56 to 58 local 120.

Good luck!

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, August 24, 2005]

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