Kidspeak: Adi and Ali

We bought some "SuperSavers" eggs (what is it about our entries and eggs these days?) the other time and my almost 8-year old son, Adi, saw it. He asked: "What does this mean, SuperSavers? Does it mean this is so expensive? That you have to save a lot to buy it?"

Looks like the branding didn't mean the right thing to my son. Then again, he does not do the shopping for the house -- so it's not too serious, right? We then went on to explain that the product is supposed to be priced lower so you save more money by buying it compared to other products.

Am really amazed though how kids' minds really work quite differently. As for Adi, he really is in a saving mood these days, not touching his weekly allowance. He said and I quote: "I'm saving my allowance until I have a bank account." End of quote. Way to go kid!

As for Ali, she really likes seeing the stray cats at home. She calls them "pusa cat." I find it so cute since "pusa" is the Filipino word for cat and sounds very much like p u s s y anyway.

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It also shows what the effect of our efforts to raise Ali as a bilingual kid has been on her, as opposed to Kuya Adi's straight English days as a baby/toddler.

Why the change? Well, Filipino for one, is what we spend a lot of time on these days in terms of school review for Kuya Adi. His Filipino sounds "barok" - although I think most kids in his class are that way too. Blame it on Cartoon Network.

Anyway, Ali now seems to be at ease with both English and Filipino and it's not rare that you would catch her saying: "Thank you. Salamat." in one breath. That's our "translate policy" taking effect over her brain.

And still on Ali, I think this kid was born to be a boss. She has the personality for it. The other time, she was asking for her lampin or her cloth diaper. I gave her a white shirt, by mistake, and she said: "What's this? I do not like this?" Even her mother will not be spared...

Still, motherhood is really something that's truly a blessing. And we remember today, our Blessed Mother Mary who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy birthday Mother Mary. May you always watch over us and bring us closer to your Son. Let us pray for all mothers. Let us pray for all parents. May we all help our kids fulfill God's plan in their lives. God bless.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, September 8, 2004]

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