Fearful Forecast: Who Will Win the Monday Elections

Just checked the other side of the fence - where my husband's Second Thoughts entries are - and I don't see his forecast yet. We both agreed that based on our reading of how the polls will go (and considering our own survey here at viloria), we will come up with our own prediction of who will win the elections this Monday, complete with ranking.

If I think Raul Roco will win, I would have titled this "Fearless Forecast." Although am still going to vote for Roco, honestly speaking, at this point, I think PGMA has the strongest chance of winning. I do not believe that FPJ will win. Here is my fearful forecast of the standing, when the votes are counted:

1. Gloria Arroyo
2. Raul Roco
3. FPJ
4. Brother Eddie
5. Ping

Then again, as I said, till Monday, we will never know. Some people are still undecided as of today. So again, vote for the person whom you think is best for the position. Do not think if he or she will win or lose. Do not focus on keeping a particular person out of office.

By the way, when you vote, if possible, please arrange your Senate bets in alphabetical order according to their surnames. Help make the teachers' jobs of tallying our votes easier.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, May 7, 2004]

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