As We Troop to the Polls

If your choice is truly PGMA, then by all means, vote for her. If you honestly believe that FPJ will lead this country to greatness, by all means, vote for him. But if you are one of several people who have said: "Gusto ko talaga si Roco kaya lang hindi naman mananalo. At ayaw ko kay FPJ, kaya PGMA na lang" - please re-think your position.

What is the basis for your choice? PGMA and FPJ's strong showing in the surveys? Then, if the surveys are to be believed, those two don't need your help at all. PGMA can win on her own, with her true supporters - FPJ likewise, so why go to their camp at all?

The objective of this election is not to vote for the candidate who has the biggest chance of winning. If this was the objective, then I suppose you would be voting for PGMA and Noli too? The objective of this election is to help the best of the available candidates win. Are you genuinely happy with the way this government has performed in the last 3 years? If yes, then I will convince you no more. If your answer is no, however, and yet you are mulling voting for PGMA because you fear FPJ, I tell you - FPJ will not win.

The last president I had was Cory Aquino. In the polls where Ramos won, I voted for Jovy Salonga (even if people said he was old and had no chance of winning). During the time of Erap, I voted for De Villa. On Monday, I shall be casting my vote for Raul Roco. Is there a pattern somewhere? Well, maybe -- but at least I will be able to live with myself in the next 6 years, regardless of who wins the elections.

My friend Suzette forwarded to me this text message from Hermie Ombid which proves that there are people who will vote for Roco no matter what the surveys say:

"Ako din sis k roco dahil sa edukasyon ang kanyang plataporma sana lang matupad un dahil noong cya ang secretary of education wala akong binayaran kahit singko i hope pag cya ang mahalal matupad ang pangarap ko na makapagtapos ang mga anak ko dahil wala kaming pang tuition fee alam mo naman sis ang buhay namin isang kahig isang tuka."

That's one person talking of her experience when Roco was Secretary of Education. That's one person who will cast her vote for Roco on Monday. Roco may not appear to have the numbers today (based on surveys), but until you actually cast your vote in that precinct on Monday, hindi pa tapos ang boksing (go, go Manny Pacquiao! say a prayer will you?).

So, please think long and hard. Those few minutes in your poll booth will spell how we will all live our lives in the next six years. Pray for peaceful and honest polls. May the best candidate win. And regardless of who wins, may we all work together after. May beautiful days bloom ahead for the Philippines...

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, May 6, 2004]

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