Moon Day Entry: Your Enchanted Life

Last December was the first time my family and I finally got to go to Enchanted Kingdom. Enchanted, I think, opened just as I was pregnant with Adi or right after I gave birth that we didn't have time to go at all. Then, Ali came and so it took some time again.

Well, the family (Kuya Adi, most especially) enjoyed Enchanted last December so we were back last Friday. We decided to go on a weekday since we remember that the last time we went on a Sunday, we spent more time lining up than on the actual ride. The second visit was Adi's end of the school year treat, by the way.

We arrived at about 11am and the place was practically empty, it looked kind of sad. Don't get us wrong - there were other people there but things didn't look as busy nor as festive as in December. There were hardly any lines - pick a ride and you'd be on it, in seconds. That was the objective for coming on a weekday but although we were happy, it felt like something was missing. Things were too easy. We hardly exerted any effort.

Sounds a lot like life doesn't it? At times, we complain how tired we are or how numerous the difficulties life throws our way but try imagining a life without them. Wouldn't you be bored silly? I tell you - it will feel like a half-filled amusement park. You'll get on the rides and enjoy them sure - but the thrill won't be as much.

When faced with a difficulty, just think of riding the Jungle Log Jam. Some people like it, some people don't. Adi loves it. He went on it five times - I could only do it twice. Remember the feeling just as you are about to take that second drop - higher and steeper than the first. No matter how much you love that ride, I bet you wonder how you got yourself there in the first place... your heart or your tummy moves up as you go down ... then you are fine. You might even decide to ride again. That's what difficulties are in life. They're our Jungle Log Jams of daily living. Things may look quite daunting (even with eyes closed, for some people) from where you are sitting but once you get over that drop, you'll be fine.

What an enchanted life. Lessons abound everywhere. Even a simple amusement park ride can make you go philosophical.

So have fun - even if things can look pretty scary. The important thing is to dare. Let me end this entry with a "cute" quotation I read quite recently by Anonymous:

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, because if you enjoy it today, you can do it again tomorrow."

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, March 29, 2004]

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