FPJ: Heed Your Ad

FPJ has a series of ads on radio (I listen more to AM radio, than watch TV - a function of being on the road a lot due to traffic), all with the general theme "sama-sama, tulong-tulong" (Translation: all together, help each other).

There's one on education. There's another on jobs. As I listen to the one on jobs which has FPJ talking about "Quality jobs, Permanent Jobs," I am struck by how FPJ should pay close attention to his ad's copy and live by it. There's a part in the ad where he says "...magpapalutang ng natural na kakayahan..." And here's the clincher: "Wag natin pilitin ang di natin kaya." (Loose translation: Let's not get into things which we are not capable of).

Ang natural na kakayahan ni FPJ ay sa pelikula. Huwag na natin ipilit, huwag na nilang ipilit, huwag na niyang ipilit, na maging presidente pa siya. "Wag natin pilitin ang di natin kaya."

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, March 31, 2004]

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