Explosive Love

We were on our way home from somewhere. The hubby and I were talking about an acquaintance whose boyfriend happened to be abroad. I said: "Long distance love affair pala sila." (They have a long distance love affair.)

Blame on my son's youth, his not-too-good Tagalog, or the way I pronounced it, but he suddenly said: "Lava fair? Is that a fair where you have volcanoes and they erupt and then lava comes out?"

My husband and I couldn't keep ourselves from smiling and laughing. But wait, there's more... My son goes on to say: "A lava fair is a dangerous fair. People will die because lava is steaming and hot."

Hmmmm.... maybe he did understand after all. Love can be quite dangerous. And the steaming and hot part? Well... So, stay warm this season. More dangerous than love is a lack of love. So make sure you're neither dormant nor extinct in the love department. Cheers!

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, December 12, 2003]

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