Postscript to Debate: Mare at Pare

Someone should move the talk shows to an earlier time slot to replace all those chi-novelas, pinoy-velas, game shows and mostly inane comedy shows. Come to think of it, now that the elections are near, the talk shows can have as much drama, gimmicks, and inanity, depending on the topic and the guests.

We had just finished with homework and we managed to catch some of the 10:30pm news. As we prepared for bed, Debate: Mare at Pare came on with the topic: Anong mas mahalaga: karanasan o karisma? (Which is more important: experience or charisma?) - referring to the presidentiables. No presidentiable was around though although their representatives were. Just some thoughts on the portions we caught yesterday:

1. Mike Defensor talking about the achievements of PGMA - he enumerates the signing of the EPIRA law, number of housing units provided, etc., etc. and in that same breath, he mentions CHECKPOINTS. Whoa! Checkpoints as an achievement? Since when? There must be something wrong with what I'm hearing. I'm reminded even more of why I will not be voting for PGMA.

2. Lacson was asked on tape about his strong points. He mentions that he is honest/not corrupt, has the track record (based on what he accomplished when he was PNP chief). Asked about his weakness, he says it's poor P.R. (Mahina daw siya sa media). You've got to hand it to the guy. When he talks, he appears to be very straightforward, no-nonsense. For a moment I forget about Rosebud and then am reminded that some of the people who were with Erap are with Lacson today. He used to be with Erap too. Tough luck.

3. Raul Roco is said to be handa (ready). Tapat at totoo (True). They also harp about his track record at the Department of Education. His Weakness: He thinks he has no weakness ("Wala"). How can that be? Everyone has a weakness. And did I hear Atty. Kapunan say that Roco never tells a lie? I don't think that's the truth. Not even an itty-bitty lie? (And as a priest once told me - there is no such thing as a white lie. It's either the truth or a lie.)And of course, she had her references to Mother Teresa being compassionate and all but not being president (in reference probably to FPJ who is being projected as charitable and helpful) but this was not too useful in my view. Jay Sonza, also there for Raul Roco, I thought performed better in presenting his arguments - coming across as warmer and not too hard sell.

4. For FPJ, Tito Sotto's Chief Legal Adviser was there (his name escapes me at the moment but I assure you, he is such an entertaining character - and I mean that as a complement!) and he says that "experience" is not an advantage. Bawal nga daw yun sa Constitution as presidents cannot seek re-election. Tito Sotto, in a taped interview, says FPJ's strength is that he loves his fellowmen and his country (Should I run for president? I also have those qualities.) FPJ's weakness: Masyadong mabait. (Can you be mabait and survive the presidency? I rest my case.)

We didn't get to finish the show as it was already almost 1am and I needed to get up at 4am that same day. Anyway, the bigger show will be in May 2004. Aren't you all excited?

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, December 5, 2003]

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