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I'm still alive folks! So sorry to all who regularly drop by this site - and all you see is my last entry on September 15, I think. Truly pitiful. Things have been a blur, at home (quarterly exams!) and at work and throw in an asthma attack.

I know I've promised several times to write more regularly. If I don't turn up for days or weeks on end - I'm probably just drowning in paperwork and will get back to the web as soon as I'm pretty sane.

So, PGMA has finally announced that she is running. She has every right to change her mind just as I have every right not to change mine. I am not voting for her. In fact, I am still mulling if I will vote for anyone at all. Anyway, I believe that no single person has a monopoly of skills and a desire to serve our country. PGMA started on high ground with Edsa 2. As for where we are now, well...

As for Arnold, the Terminator, being elected as Governor of California, that's Pinoy voting pattern finding its way to other parts of the globe. While news reports say that other countries express surprise and awe at Arnold's victory, we Pinoys just shrug our shoulders and smile.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, October 9, 2003]

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