More Important than Voter Validation

The word "validate" is defined as: "make valid." "Valid," on the other hand, is defined as: "well-supported by fact; sound; just." or "legally effective or binding."
Have you trooped to the Comelec or to your villages, on designated dates, for voter validation? You have until October 31, 2003. This will ensure that you won't have major trouble when you vote come May 2004.

My hubby and I are done with this. The Comelec people already took our photos, thumb and index finger marks and stored them all in their computers. We should be able to vote, with no problems, by May next year. The only problem is whom to vote for.

I have lost every election here in the Philippines. That means I have never been a candidate as no candidate ever loses around here. By "losing," I mean my candidate never wins the election. Cory vs. Marcos; Salonga vs. Ramos; de Villa vs. Erap. Well, Cory became president eventually but there had to be a revolution for that to happen.

I have promised myself that I will stay at home should Edsa IV,V,VI, or whatever take place. I look around and see that numerous Edsas have not brought about real change. Same with the elections -- but I will still vote come May 2004. I will vote for the "most acceptable" of the presidentiables.

So to me, more important that "voter validation" is "candidate validation." Make an effort to choose the best out of the available candidates. Take your cue from the definition of validate above. The candidate must be of "sound mind." The candidate must be just. The candidate must be effective and he must be able to bind all of us together. Meron bang ganon?

Anyway, the elections are still months away so maybe someone will turn up. As Jimmy Gil Live read on AM radio once: "What is needed is a change in men, not just a change of men." Amen.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, September 15, 2003]

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