Ang Aking Alkansya (ng Alala) - My Memory Bank

Read in an article written by Jim Paredes sometime ago that parents go through school as many times as they have kids plus one (which is the time that they actually went through school). I remember this every night as I help my son Adi go through his assignments. Peek into other homes and the scene is multiplied numerous times perhaps.

I thought I was done with school after I took my MBA. Guess again - am now in Grade 1, and will be going through pre-school (again) in two years time. The only thought that comforts me is that when the subject matter gets harder, particularly in Math and Science, Daddy Manuel will be forced to take over.

Right now, Adi and I are learning a Filipino poem entitled "Ang Aking Alkansya (My Piggy Bank)." We have been learning the 7 stanza piece, 1 stanza a night (2 nights going now) and I suppose the best way to get him to learn it is to show him that I am memorizing it myself. Whew. Ever since I had a caesarian, I've had an excuse for forgotten things and memory lapses but we've got to do what we need to do. By the way, does "saknong" mean stanza?

Oh well - I'll just take this as an opportunity to exercise them brain cells. Maybe this will serve me in good stead when I am 80. What about you parents out there? What grade are you in?

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, August 13, 2003]

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