No Change, No Sale

Don't you just get furious when you buy something and the cashier does not have any change? Or when instead of giving you change, asks you for change (i.e. may limang piso kayo?)? Or when you are given incomplete change and the cashier does not even apologize? Well I do. The lack of change is right up there in my list of pet peeves, together with items listed in the menu but are not available and salespeople who hound you when you know exactly what you want or would like to be left on your own to decide.

We ran out of milk today so I dropped by this store at our subdivision's clubhouse. They did have milk available but no change. I needed P100 but all I had in my wallet was a P500 bill. I was already paying when the cashier said: "Wala pa kong benta. Wala ho kayong barya?" (I haven't made a sale yet. Don't you have a smaller bill?). My pet peeve indicator went berserk and I said: "E wala din akong barya kaya wag na lang" (I also don't have change so I'm no longer buying.) I think the girl was stunned. Well she was right, she didn't have a sale yet.

Oh well, people who can't even have a decent amount of change available at the start of the day have no business running stores. And although I still don't have my much needed milk, at least I've finally done what I wanted to do before but have not had the chance to do -- no change, no sale. Mwahahahaha. Halloween's fast approaching ;)

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, October 24, 2002]

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