Cop Out

So, with all the bombings, are you staying away from crowded places? Are you Pinoy? Then probably you're still making your way to those 3-day sales. We were in Megamall last Saturday to start our Christmas shopping and even after the bus bombing the previous night, the mall was still full. Some parents even had their babies and kids with them.

It just irritates me when some police officials go on radio and say that we don't have enough policemen, etc. To me, it sounds like an excuse for possible failures/incidents in the future. Then again, I also take my hats off to them, particularly those who respond to bomb scares. Imagine if no one wanted to take on that job? What would we do?

Even the bus companies are said to be hiring additional security personnel to check the bags of their commuters. The newspeople then reported that the bus operators didn't mind the additional expense so long as their passengers were safe. Pretty noble, huh? When they interviewed one of the operators though, here's what she said: " Wala tayong magagawa kung may dagdag na gastos. E papano naman kung masabugan ka. Magkano ang isang bus?"

Yung bus pala ang pino-problema, hindi yung mga buhay na mawawala. Business as usual...

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, October 23, 2002]

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