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They really are serious. Just the other day, I was listening to AM radio and Arnold Clavio was interviewing the president of the "FPJ for President" movement. I made a mental note to remember his name but I guess my brain just went dead after listening to him so I can't write the name of the person now. Believe me though, he exists.

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His group aims to collect 1 million signatures so they could convince FPJ to run for president in 2004. (Shudder.) What makes FPJ qualified to be president of the Philippines? Read on, presidential wanna-bes, you may just cut it:

1. You must not be an ordinary actor or movie star. You must have a thriving production outfit (e.g. FPJ Productions) which has survived through the years and which is a testament to your management skills.

2. You must have helped out during some disasters in the past (e.g. be one of the first to have distributed canned goods after the Baguio earthquake). You must not have the habit of letting people know the good that you do. (It bugs me though that this person, who claims that he does not know FPJ personally, knows about all these good deeds that FPJ has done and which FPJ supposedly does not publicize. How'd he know then? Maybe, he has ESP.)

3. You must not have sought out favors from close friends who may have occupied positions of power in the past. (According to this guy, Erap was president for two years yet FPJ did not seek any concessions from him and for that, FPJ deserves to be president).

So, do you have what it takes to be president? On the same station just this morning, a listener texted to say that we should just consider having Dolphy for president and Joey de Leon for vice president. Life is full of problems. Maybe with these guys at the helm, we'll at least be able to smile - the listener said, though I think it was said in jest...What do you say?

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, September 20, 2002] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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