The Little Things

A few weeks ago, very early in the day, I was already in a bad mood. I hadn't left the house yet and I was already stressed out, not feeling too pleasant about myself or people around me.

Just before I got to the office (my face still looking sullen and grim), I received a text message from a former officemate. It had those cute drawings - with the message: "Don't worry. Be happy. Keep cool. God is in control."

My friend didn't know it as she sent me her text message but she was able to change my mood quite quickly. I found myself smiling and decided to forward her message to other friends. After awhile, I got a message from one of my other friends: "Thanks mare, I needed that." Turns out one of my closest friends was having a bad day herself and had started to feel better after receiving my forwarded text.

Then it dawned on me how careful we should be with the things that we do or say. Even trivial things may have a significant effect on other people - good or bad. In all our relationships, it's the little things that spell the difference. A smile. A facial expression. The words that we choose. The things we do or don't do. So take care of the little things. As one Sesame Street song goes: "I believe in little things like you and me. And just how big little things can be..."

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, September 24, 2002]

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