Franklin, Turquoise, and Adi

Adi has new pets now, courtesy of his dad. He now has two small turtles named Franklin and Turquoise. Daddy bought them at Robinsons Galleria from a stall bearing the name "Petty Pets." Daddy was quick to comment on the ideal location of the stall -- right in front of the Equitable PCI ATM. So, after you withdraw your hard-earned money, blow it on a few pets for your kids.

Together with the two turtles, Daddy got a bowl, some pellets, and brightly-colored plastic pieces to make the bowl "happy-looking." Adi spent considerable time yesterday just staring at his pets. Ali, upon being shown her kuya's pet turtles, couldn't care less and continued to stare intently at her kuya. Daddy Manuel thinks that Ali probably looks at Adi as her pet.

The life span of the turtles, according to the stall personnel, is 40-100 years, depending on how well the owner takes care of them. On the way home from the store, we were worried as the turtles experienced a "sea quake" as our car moved. We were told not to put too much water in the bowl nor to totally submerge the turtles in water lest they drown. And contrary to Daddy's assumption that this kind of turtle does not grow, we were told by the lady at the stall (after Daddy paid for the turles and finally asks the question) that they grow up to about the size of Daddy's palm. Well, we'll see.

As of yesterday, Adi was asking: "I wonder when they will put their heads inside their shells." After Lobsie (Adi's fortune lobster - who's still alive and going strong) and Franklin and Turquoise, I wonder, what's next?

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, September 16, 2002]

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