Slow Death

Every summer, my husband lovingly hounds (it is possible to do this) me about our car batteries. He repeatedly reminds me that batteries usually die suddenly and before the rainy season starts is the best time to replace them -- whether you've been having some problems with them or not.

Well, more than a week ago, I had quite a scare. As I left my office building's parking lot, I noticed that my car was a bit hard to start. It soon got going though so I was on my way. Mid-way between my office and home (along traffic-filled Edsa), my airconditioner conked out. Soon after, it was time for "Jimmy Gil Live" (my car radio) to sign off. I lost my horn, my lights were getting dimmer, and my wipers (it was even raining then)were moving ever so slowly.

My car battery was dying on me -- not suddenly though, but ever so slowly. My battery indicator also started to light up every now and then. Trying not to panic, I just prayed that I would at least get to our subdivision so as not to cause even more traffic along Edsa. I could already picture in my head my angels working triple time as I truly believe someone watches over me more closely every time I have car trouble.

Anyway, I did get home safely. As soon as I parked in the garage, I had this eerie feeling that if I were to start the car now, it wouldn't. True enough, when I tried to start the car again, it was as dead as I imagined it to be.

Well, the batteries (mine and my husband's car) have finally been changed. And next year, that will be done by May. Shouldn't tire my angels too much...

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, July 1, 2002]

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