Let Go Na

"Guingona, Guingona, let's go na with Guingona!" Remember that campaign jingle? To me, it ranks way up there in terms of recall with "Sha-sha-sha, kailangan natin Sha." Anyway.

The jingle might as well have been worded: "Let go na of Guingona..." After much confusion in the last few days, it's finally out that VP Guingona has resigned as secretary of Foreign Affairs - due to a difference in opinion (with the president, who else?) in terms of policy.

What the heck. People come and go. We've gone through more confusing intramurals before. We should learn from a statement made by VP Guingona himself: "I take everything in stride." I guess that's the only way to survive the daily grind...

By the way, did you hear about Percy, that dog running for congress in Florida? The way I look at most politicians here, maybe I should get some tuta, named Bantay interested in 2004. Oh well. We may get "tired" every now and then but as my Flavia calendar reminds me: "Every moment in time, like every grain of sand, brings hope, faith, and wisdom." Now if I can only remember that more often...

[Related Site: http://www.percyforcongress.org]

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, July 3, 2002]

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