Rhyme Time

Boy, that was one busy week. Finally, I'm back...

Adi's taking up words that rhyme in school. The other day, I was reviewing him and we decided to turn our review into a game. We would take turns giving each other words and the other person should quickly come up with a word that would rhyme with the given word.

Kind mother that I was, I gave words like "mat," "dog" and of course, Adi breezed through those. When it was his turn, he started out with "toy" (which was also easy), but then moved on to "dollhouse" (louse?) and then to "pick up sticks." The best I could do for that one was "tricks." Talk about pushing me to the limit. I think Adi got my competitive streak times ten.

Anyway, my husband says that "orange" is the only word without a rhyming partner. Is that true? Maybe I'll give Adi that word next time...

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, June 28, 2002]

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