My son, Adi, relishes the fact that I am on maternity leave at present. He likes the thought that when he comes home from school every afternoon, I will be around. He even knows the term "maternity leave" now and asks how come I'm not on maternity leave always.

The other day, I asked Adi how he felt about Mommy being home practically the whole day. He said he was happy. I then asked him how he would feel once I start going to the office again and he answered very quickly: "Happy also." He then continues to say that when I'm on "maternity leave" though, he's happier.

That's fine -- wouldn't it be nice if we all exerted more effort to make other people happier, day in, day out? Here's to happier days ahead of us...

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, March 7, 2002]

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