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We went and heard mass this morning. Prior to doing so, we stopped by the bibingka stand to place our order for 24 bibingkas. My husband was treating his officemates this morning for their 9am coffee break.

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We then went on to hear mass. After the mass, we went to the stand to claim our order. The cooking was not yet done and we had to wait for about 6 more pieces to be completed. As we waited patiently for our order, other people came by the stand, hoping to buy some bibingkas. The lady at the stand had to tell them that they were still working on our orders and that they would have to wait some time.

Bibingka. Click to enlarge
Bibingka - Click to Enlarge

Of the three ladies that came after us, two waited patiently. One lady though who wanted her order quickly said: "Nakabantay ba? Hindi naman yata, e." (Translation: "Would the person who placed his order earlier be around? I don't think he is." To which I answered calmly (must be the effect of the anesthesia from my C-section): "We placed our orders even before we heard mass." After I said that, she walked away.

And this is the reason why we look around us and don't like what we see, sometimes. People try and get away with even the littlest thing. The thought of never being found out leads some people to just do what they like and not what is proper. Anyway, I hope the day comes when we can all just look to ourselves and do the right thing, all the time, even when we think no one is looking or watching.

In this situation, I picked up one lesson: The early order placer gets the bibingka and ... the glares from the other people waiting.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, March 6, 2002] [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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