Dead Man Talking

In a mass for my uncle who recently passed away, Fr. Orbos, in his sermon, tried to guess what my uncle might be saying right that moment if he had the chance. He enumerated three:

1. Don't worry - I have gone on to a better place where there are no more problems, no more tears.

2. Thank you - for all the concern and for all the love you shared while I was alive.

3. See you in heaven - we must all live our lives according to the will of God, so that we will be together some day with our loved ones who have gone ahead.

Such statements don't only apply to those who have died. These reminders are also good principles to live by. For the living:

1. Don't worry - have faith and remember that eventually, things will turn out for the best. Worrying never solved anything.

2. Say thank you for little things that other people do for you. Be grateful to God for all His blessings. When down and out, find and exert effort to single out one teeny-tiny thing to say thank you for. You'll feel better.

3. Strive to make it to heaven - we are all travellers on a journey. The world, with all its problems, mercifully, is not our permanent home. Let us make the most of this journey though, doing the most good that is possible from day to day, for as they say, we will never pass this way again.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, November 27, 2001]

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