Santa Better Watch Out

At about this time of year, most kids would probably make an effort to behave. Credit this to all those moms and dads who remind their kids that Santa will only bring toys to good girls and boys.

Tell me it isn't true -- that as a parent, you have not used Santa as a threat to get your kids to follow and all I can say is: "Ho-ho-ho."

Anyway, we've already written Santa that all-important letter for my son Adi. These past few days, though, when my son does not behave, we have threatened to send another letter cancelling our request in the previous letter. Never mind such realities as postal efficiency this time of the year. Adi's grandmother has even threatened to send Santa a telegram when my son misbehaves. The other day, she said she would even call Santa to which Adi replied: "You know his number?" I'm sure Adi looks at his grandmother in awe these days.

I wonder what Adi would tell Santa if he got hold of the phone and managed to call him? Maybe he'll tell that jolly man in the bright red suit how we adults have been bad, using Santa as a threat instead of as a symbol of giving and merriment this season. Oh well, didn't particularly want any toy this year for myself so that's okay.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, November 28, 2001]

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