It will be advent in just a few days and in the Philippines, the start of the Christmas season means only one thing: family reunions. It will be a time to get together everyone in the family, hanging around for good food and conversation. There goes the diet.

As we age, I guess we all appreciate our families more. My relatives on my father's side just got together last night for a mass for my uncle who passed away. (More on this, maybe tomorrow). Anyway, last night someone uttered the line: "Tayo'y nagkatipon-tipon na parang mga hipon. Nagkabigkis-bigkis na parang walis." (My hubby has a not-so-exact English translation for this but at this point, I forget how it goes...)

Anyway, have a good Christmas season everyone. May the holidays find you and your loved ones together, healthy, happy, and immensely blessed.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, November 26, 2001]

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