Letters to Santa

In a little over a month, Christmas will be here! My son, Adi, as usual, is super-excited. He has already made it known that he wants a Shrek Toy from Santa. His Daddy cooperated and wrote this letter:

Dear Santa,

Adi is a good boy. He obeys his Daddy and his Mommy. Please give him a Shrek Toy.

PS (from Adi - a drawing of a baseball bat - what for, I wouldn't know.)

Now, sweetness can't be taught (but can probably be picked up). Imagine our surprise (and delight) when Adi came up with another letter to Santa yesterday:

Der Santu

Ples gv Adis babe u ratal.

P.S. - drawing of a heart

For those who are wondering, the message should actually read:

Dear Santa

Please give Adi's baby a rattle.

As you can see my son is just learning to write/spell but he already knows how to look out for his coming sibling. Thoughtfulness, that's what Christmas is all about. We are all thought of fondly by Our Father. Aren't we lucky?

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, November 9, 2001]

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