Green Marketing Folders

Last week, I brought home some marketing folders from my office as I planned to go straight to my meeting the next morning. I mindlessly put the folders on top of my son's study desk and proceeded to take dinner.

Adi finished eating his dinner first. He then proceeded to the room and entertained himself, as he has learned to, now that he's older.

Upon finishing dinner, my husband and I went back to our room and I saw what Adi was busying himself with all this time. He had a bright green pentel in his hand and he was writing his classmates' names on my marketing folders.

Lucky for me, only one folder got it. Still, since I was meeting three people, I needed to have three folders so that meant having to pass by the office (again) the next morning, prior to proceeding to the meeting.

Still, I was pretty proud of myself. I didn't scream my head off and calmly explained to Adi what he did wrong. Anyway, I learned an important lesson for myself too - never leave your office things lying around, particularly when you have a son who's starting to learn how to write and who has a really bright-looking green pentel pen.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, November 13, 2001]

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