Trick or Treat

Yesterday, we had the traditional annual trick or treat in our village. The kids, both young and not-so-young, donned their costumes, as they trekked to the clubhouse to enjoy some food and a prepared program. At about 4pm, it was off to the cars and the vans to go around the village to amass (judging from the volume of candy you take home, I guess this is the proper word to use) tooth-decay causing goodies. Oh well, it happens just once a year, anyway.

Adi had fun going around. I was looking at his expression as his pumpkin got filled up with goodies and I realized just how big an event Halloween can be for kids. After moving from house to house for more than an hour, we decided to head towards the house to rest. "Why?" Adi asked. He couldn't seem to comprehend why we finally had to stop. Anyway, Mommy got her way and Adi didnít really complain. I am glad though that we did get the chance to do this fun activity again for the fourth straight year.

Oh to be a kid at heart. Little things bring so much joy. I guess that's the trick to looking at life as a real treat.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, October 31, 2001]

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