Fast and Furious

No, this isn't about the movie. The last few movies I saw were largely for my kid: Shrek and Osmosis Jones. At the rate our weekends go, the next movie we'll probably see will be Monsters, Inc. or Harry Potter, whichever shows first.

Anyway. Tonight, at dinner, Adi was feeding himself ever so slowly. At 5, I figured he should really be left on his own so I was determined not to help him at all. He was taking such a long time though, that I was getting quite impatient. His lola (grandmother), started to ask him after awhile: "Do you want your mom to scold you?" "Scold" was a new word for Adi so he asked what that meant. Lola explained by saying that it meant that I would get mad at him for not eating and feeding himself properly. "Furious?" Adi then retorted. All the adults laughed. I guess we all didn't expect such a word from a 5-year old.

My husband says that the number of synonyms one has for a certain word reveals whether something is important in your environment. Like the Eskimos have several words to refer to snow. Have we been getting mad too often at Adi lately? I suppose not.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, November 1, 2001]

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