Getting Rids

"Daddy, how do you get rids?" my son, Adi asked the other day. "Get what?" my husband responded. "Get rids." After several rounds of that, Adi finally said: "How do you get rid?" "Get rid of what?" Daddy queried, finally getting somewhere. "Get rid of people who are not good?" Adi replied.

I can't quite remember how the conversation ended or how Adi ever came to think that such was possible - I mean, getting rid of people who are not good. I guess sometimes we all wish this too. But such is not to be. We'll just all have to go through life and see what we can learn from each person we encounter, whether they be good or bad.

The other day, Adi had another question for me. It went this way: "How come you cannot give a worm a balloon with a string?" I don't know where he picks these questions up but this one, at least gives a very interesting picture or image. I hope Adi never gets rid of his questions.

[By Angelica Viloria | Sunday, September 30, 2001]

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