A Long Piece Coming Soon

Ever since I started this daily (well, mostly every day) habit of writing, there has been nothing to write about the usual long way. Frequent visitors to this site would be familiar with my previous articles and these were 1-2 page things. None of the two to three paragraph pieces you read today.

Well, a long piece is coming your way just as soon as I get to write it. I already have the idea in my head. It's finding the time to write it that may be a little difficult to come by. What's it about? My 4-year old son and his school, La Salle. Recently, we were able to see how his classes were up close and we were happy with what we saw. I figured parents choosing a "big school" for their kids can use my upcoming piece as an input for their decision-making.

Stay tuned.

[By Angelica Viloria | Monday, October 1, 2001]

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