Nope, It Wasn't Us

Missed another day again. It wasn't our fault though. No, we weren't feeling bad and no, the bed didn't look that inviting. Our webhost or web server just went on the blink the whole day yesterday. It was like had vanished into oblivion. So, if you had tried to visit us yesterday, all you would have seen was "new site." And that was it.

Should have put me in a panic but not really. My husband was the one who was more stressed out, I think. Well, he's been maintaining this site even longer than he's acted as Daddy to Adi. Yes, we are sort of attached to the web. Gives us something to talk about with family, friends, and colleagues. Keeps us from repeating the same story, over and over. Gives us an avenue for our writing without waiting for any editor or publisher to give us that all-important nod.

Yes, on the web, we rule, though we are also not totally in control. Take a look at yesterday. Sort of mirrors life, doesn't it? We try to run our lives as we please or as we think we should, though we can't really keep a hold on everything. We shouldn't even try. Makes life easier and lighter. Leave every thing to the "Great Architect" in the sky or wherever you allow Him to be, and things should flow better. In the end, even the Senate hearings will make sense.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, September 7, 2001]

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