It's Mother Mary's Birthday Soon

My son's assignment notebook at La Salle had the instruction: "Pray the Hail Mary." I then asked him: "Do you already know how to pray Hail Mary?" He then started off praying the whole thing, almost perfectly. Then he ended by saying: "It's going to be her birthday soon." September 8 is Mother Mary's birthday. I knew it all along but it took my son and his school to remind me. At least that's Catholic school tuition well spent.

Speaking of reminders, I brought my son to Little Gym class by myself last Sunday. My husband was still sick in bed so I had to drive Adi to Shangri-la Plaza, while he quietly sat at the back. I bribed him with the promise of buying 1 sticker book after gym class, if he behaved during the car ride.

As I gave the carpark attendant the money for the fee and as the girl handed me the parking stub, a voice from the backseat boomed: "Say thank you, Mommy." I was really going to say thank you anyway, since it was a habit I now have with salespersons, attendants, elevator operators, security guards, and what have you. I was just so surprised that Adi was even reminding me. I then amusedly asked him: "Why are you telling me to say thank you? Who says thank you?" He then answered: "Daddy." Figures. Daddy is indeed the person I picked up the habit from. Looks like Adi will be picking this up to, which is just as well.

So, to Mother Mary, happy birthday, and thank you. Thank you too to all mothers, my mother, most especially, for caring for us and teaching us all we need to know so that we kids can also teach others a thing or two. Thank you also to all those people who make our load a little lighter and even to those who make our days more challenging. Thank you for each day we are given to live.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, September 5, 2001]

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