Fly Now, Give Birth Later

Yup, I skipped a day again. This daily writing seems to be more difficult than I thought. Then again, the bed really looks so inviting when you're dead tired from work and have yet to recover from a bout with a really terrible cough.

Anyway. My last trip to Malaysia was the first time I went on a trip while pregnant. Prior to my checking in, the airline made me sign this form, a waiver, stating that I will not hold them responsible in case something should happen to me during the flight. It also said that I will reimburse them for any medical expenses which they may incur on my behalf.

What? No free lifetime trips for the child? Why was there no mention of that anywhere? Kidding aside, I braced myself for the flight since I had also read previously that some pregnant women who may not have had any trouble with plane rides when they were not yet pregnant, may experience some difficulties once they were heavy with child. Thankfully though, the flight was uneventful. Except for some abrupt landing or take-off, the flights I took were okay. I am blessed.

[By Angelica Viloria | Tuesday, September 4, 2001]

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