Of Horrid Movies and Choo Choo Heartbeats

Busy, busy, busy. We started the day by going to mass, on the occasion of Mother Mary's birthday. After, it was off to the OB to see my doctor for the monthly check-up which I dread. Not that I experience or expect anything terrible. I just really dislike the waiting that comes with the visit. Patience was never a trait of mine, you see. Then again, what do you expect with OBs? They can't program when their patients give birth.

Today, Adi decided to wake up early so he could join us for my check-up. I agreed to let him tag along since I thought it would be some sort of learning opportunity for him. I looked forward to letting him hear his sibling's heart beat which sounds like a choo choo train. Just like Adi's when he was still inside my tummy. He did enjoy the visit and he did hear the heart beat. He even entertained my doctor by singing for her when she requested for a song. He sang Lupang Hinirang so properly and deliberately, my husband thought my doctor was going to charge higher for all the extra time. I bet she only expected a nursery song. She was impressed.

After the doctor, it was off to the mall. We had promised Adi previously that we would watch Shrek. Finally, after two sickness-laden weekends, we eventually got to catch it and we're glad we did. It's one movie I've really enjoyed in such a long time. The type of movie I was glad not to have missed. Still, nothing's perfect so before we could watch Shrek, we had to suffer and agonize through this totally inane trailer for an even more inane movie called: Banyo Queen (Bathroom Queen). How producers and actors can stand making such films is beyond me. The script truly belongs to the bathroom, as in flushed down the toilet bowl. Then again, even the bowl might spew it out. Heck, I don't think even Shrek the ogre would dare use a page off it. He might get an allergy.

[By Angelica Viloria | Saturday, September 8, 2001]

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