The Simple Joys of Parenthood

I was listening to AM radio on the way to work this morning when I chanced upon DZBB's Arnold Clavio and his very witty Filipino translation for money-laundering: "Hugas-dugas." My apologies to those who do not understand the language. I can't even think of how to translate it back to English and I also think that even if I discovered how, the essence would be lost. It would be something similar to explaining a joke.

Speaking of laundering or washing, my son, Adi, was washing his hands as he was getting ready for dinner. With his towel being beyond reach, he turns to his human cloth, his Daddy, and proceeds to dry his hands on his Dad's shirt.

My husband then says: "Are you going to do that to other people?" Adi very quickly answers: "No, only to you, because you're my daddy."

Daddy throws another question: "If I'm wearing a barong (local formal wear), will you do that?" Adi replies: "No, only on your house shirt."

Parenting is truly a blessing. We are privileged.

[By Angelica Viloria | Thursday, August 9, 2001]

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