The Longest Running Soap

Living in the Philippines can sometimes make one feel like a character in a tele-novela. Credit it perhaps to having been under Spanish rule before. We Filipinos do have a flair for drama. The Abu Sayyaf episode in Mindanao refuses to end. The First Gentleman still hasn't cleared his name in that bribe accusation. Newly-elected Senator Ping Lacson is now accused of having millions and millions of dollars stashed away abroad. I guess that's what happens when we elect "detergents" into office.

Somehow, I feel like waiting for the director to say: "Cut!" Can we shift to a comedy or an inspirational show soon? Then again, in a tele-novela, the good guys always win in the end.

So are all these things in preparation for 2004? Either someone wants to make Lacson look real bad to destroy his chances of eventually running for president or Lacson wants to make himself look real bad, so that when election time comes, he can say: "Those are all old issues." You know how some people love underdogs. Anyway, my wish is for the new top dog in 2004 to help keep this country from going to the dogs. We deserve a better premiere episode in our next season.

[By Angelica Viloria | Wednesday, August 8, 2001]

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