It's Another Friday

Whew! There goes another work week. I'm sure most of you are smiling from ear to ear, looking forward to this coming weekend. Beginning to feel fretful about or bored with your job? What follows is a prayer I'd like to share with people who work. It was given to us by the chairman of our company and I guess, that's why I was brought here - to come across things like this and to meet really good friends who are either still working for us or are now working for other companies (some even in other countries), but still working hard nonetheless.

Prayer Before Work

"Lord, as I start the day, let me remember how blessed and lucky I am to be in my job. Remind me to be grateful for the work that I do, the people I meet, and the wage I receive. Keep me cooperative with my employer and co-workers. If I have to complain, make me think first of the common good and later of my own welfare. Help me to be honest in all my dealings and to be responsible in accomplishing tasks assigned to me. Make me aware that in my work, I bring Your work to completion. Amen."

Count your blessings daily.

[By Angelica Viloria | Friday, August 10, 2001]

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