Sony W760i Problems

Overheating and abnormal re-starting are problems I've experienced with the Sony Ericsson W760i.

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I had an uneasy feeling something was wrong when I first switched on the SE W760i a little over two weeks ago. Instead of the usual pleasant opening tones you hear at the start, I was greeted by a couple of hissing sounds, like static coming out of an old radio.

Then when I tried to play some of the music, all I got was loud hissing. That's when I noticed the back of the Sony W760i start to get hot. Geez, what's with the overheating problem?

I switched off the unit, and noticed the back continued to get hotter. So I opened the lower back portion and removed the battery (which was not warm at all), and after a couple of minutes the cell phone started cooling down.

When I re-inserted the battery and switched on the unit (last Feb 2, 2009), there were no more hissing sounds, and I was happy to hear nice opening tones. The unit worked pretty well for about two weeks, although I noticed the battery was draining quite fast.

This morning, I noticed hissing sounds again when I tried to play some music in this Sony Walkman W760i. Although I tried the old trick of removing the battery, the start-up hissing sound would still be there. The walkman music player was as good as useless because no music came out (just hissing/static).

And yes, the cell phone started getting quite hot again. So I switched it off, and removed the battery (for safety's sake). Who wants to risk getting burned, right?

This evening, when I tried to switch the SE W760i on again, it would just keep restarting and not even get to the opening screen. Oh well, at least it worked... for about 16 days.

How about you? What has been your experience with your W760?

[ First posted on 02/18/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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