The Adwords Manifesto Review

Michael Jones shares his over $100,000 per month via Adwords strategies, with the release of The Adwords Manifesto.

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For those of you just starting out with Adwords, here's how it works:

You identify a market and create (or outsource the creation of) a product.
You send people (via Adwords) to a website offering that product, so that they can buy it.
You then adjust your online ads to get more visitors to visit your website.
You adjust the salesletter in your website to get more people to buy your product.

People search for certain keywords in Google, and beside the search results are ads (Adwords). If your ad is interesting enough, you can attract targeted traffic because your ad will appear on the screen of people who are searching for solutions.

What keywords are people searching online in the first place? Well, you can use Google's Search-based Keyword Tool. Knowing what keywords to target, however, is not all there is to it.

In a nutshell, Adwords helps you drive a lot of traffic to your site in the shortest amount of time. Yes, it is a trial-and-error process for some, and Michael Jones cracks the Adwords code to the tune of $108,939.66 a month.

Here's a quick overview of what you'll find in the 162-page PDF ebook called "The Adwords Manifesto":

Chapter 1 - Keyword Research / Getting Ready For Your Campaign
Chapter 2 - Building Your Campaign
Chapter 3 - Creating Quality Landing Pages - How To Show Google You Are Relevant
Chapter 4 - Writing Effective Search Ads - The Rules Have Changed
Chapter 5 - Bidding Basics: What to do when a campaign isn't working
Chapter 6 - Dealing with Low CTR / How To Tweak Your Ad
Chapter 7 - Campaign Pruning
Chapter 8 - The Content Network - Placement Ads
Chapter 9 - Campaign Optimization - Tweaking Your Campaign
Chapter 10 - Banner Ad Creation - Banner Ads That Work
Chapter 11 - How To Make The Sale - Creating Sales Copy That Works
Chapter 12 - Setting Up Your System - Steps and Elements Involved
Chapter 13 - Adwords Editor - Managing Your Campaign Online
Chapter 14 - Alternative Ads - Moving Beyond PPC

There are also videos such as:

Video 1 - Overview
Video 2 - Keyword Selection
Video 3 - Calculating Break-even
Video 4 - Setting Up Google
Video 5 - Adwords Campaign
Video 6 - Impact Popup
Video 7 - Conquering Keywords
Video 8 - Alexa Strategy
Video 9 - Google Keyword Tool
Video 10 - MSN Keyword Tool
Video 11 - SpyFu Tool
Video 12 - Keyword Mixer
Video 13 - The MSN Adwords
Video 14 - MSN Starting a Campaign
Video 15 - MSN Creating Your Ad
Video 16 - MSN Keywords
Video 17 - MSN Pricing
Video 18 - Yahoo
Video 19 - Other PPC

If you're into Adwords and are curious about how Michael is able to bring in at least $100,000 monthly, then check out The Adwords Manifesto, review the contents, and prove to yourself if this is for you.

[ First posted on 02/18/2009 by Manuel Viloria ]

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